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Simone – Co Founder & Editor in Chief (Health & Wellbeing Researcher)

I am the resident Health & Wellbeing Researcher – MSc(Nutr,Diet & ExRehab), BSc (ExSc&Nutr), an Exercise Physiologist and Dietitian who started life as a sporty kid who ate cakes from my father’s bakery almost daily. In time I realised there were better dietary habits. During one of the nerdiest chapters of my life, constantly sitting at a desk… Read More

Shannon – Co Founder & Co-Editor

I’m the resident biohacker and a marketer’s dream. As someone who believes you can’t put a price on health, I would buy health-enhancing products first, and look at the research later. Then I’d realise the promises of x, y or z benefits weren’t backed by scientific rigour. My passion for health has grown with my lifetime of experiences. At 19 years of age I was diagnosed with… Read More

Melissa – Co Founder & Co-Editor

I like to research thoroughly, gather information, look at reviews and do a whole lot of thinking before making decisions. Oh, I also like a great musical, cooking and medical shows! In my teenage years I suffered from… Read More

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