Top 10 Health Posts of 2020

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Looking back on last year, we can confidently say it was an unusual one. Yet you, our readers, remained committed to your health. We applaud you for taking the time to increase your knowledge and empowering yourself to make informed decisions about your lifestyle. And we thank you for joining us on this shared quest.

Here we look back at our 10 most popular posts from 2020, a reminder of some of the many opportunities we have to improve our overall wellbeing. 

10. Klotho Protein and the Fight Against Ageing

We see that this naturally-occurring protein is associated with anti-ageing properties and resistance to problems of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, stem cells, cartilage, and the brain among others.We also see that levels within the body naturally decline with age. And yet not all is lost: aerobic exercise can boost levels back up, and future research may provide additional solutions…

9. Collagen Replenishment: Fighting Skin Ageing

Collagen is a hot topic, since it is the primary protein that gives our skin its structural integrity- and therefore its appearance of youth (or otherwise). We explore the merits of collagen hydrolysate supplements and skin care creams to combat damage to and repair collagen. 

8. 11 Benefits of Infrared Clothing: The Sauna in Your Threads For Relief, Recovery, Recharge

The use of far-infrared emitting bioceramics or polymers in clothes is purported to offer a large range of health and fitness benefits, from reduced inflammation to enhanced repair and recovery, and improved mitochondrial metabolism. 

7. Muscle Cramps: Common Myths and Potential Treatments

Ahhh, the familiar muscle cramp. We look at common causes and what actually are effective treatments, according to science and not just anecdotes and old wives’ tales.  

6. Seawater Science: Plunging into an Age-Old Therapy


We explore the amazing healing properties that seawater seems to have, for example for the skin, lungs, musculoskeletal system, immune system and mood. 

5. Deuterium Depleted Water Health Benefits: A Superior Sip?

We look at this hydrogen isotope and why its relative abundance in drinking water matters. There is (as yet equivocal) evidence that moderately deuterium depleted water can influence cell growth, metabolism, antioxidant activity, brain function, and possibly have an anti-cancer effect.

4. Turmeric: An Ancient Spice Worth Its Weight in Gold


This humble spice contains turmerosaccharides and curcumin, which mean when consumed in adequate amounts it can have benefits to the osteoarthritic joint, antioxidant, antimicrobial actions, protection against chronic inflammatory diseases like some cancer, protection of the cardiovascular system, liver and brain. 

3. Microbiome: Harnessing its Power for Improved Health- Part 1

The Microbiome: Invisible to the eye, significant to the body.

We examine the complex association between the microbes in your gut and your overall health. Importantly, we look at how our microbiome changes over the course of our life, and also what impact our ever-changing world is having.

2. 12 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Microbiome

Even more important than knowing if your microbiome is off kilter, is knowing what to do to bring it into balance. In the absence of specific diagnostic information about your microbiome, we look at general, powerful factors that can improve the health of your gut- and the rest of you. 

1. Nicotinamide Riboside: Verified Fountain of Youth or Unnecessary Supplement?

We look at just how this form of vitamin B3 can increase NAD+ levels, thus attenuating DNA damage, inflammation and oxidative stress, and mitochondrial dysfunction associated with age. The safety and efficacy of supplements- and the limitations of what we know about this- is explored. 

Stay tuned for more scientifically-grounded insights into health topics you care about in 2021.

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